La Parrilla Franchise

Site requirements

1- The selection of a La Parrilla restaurant location should be done following the below criteria:

  • Upscale urban areas
  • High-end F& clusters
  • High traffic of target clientele
  • Availability of indoor and outdoor areas (outdoors is not mandatory) with a total maximum capacity of 250 persons.

2- The restaurant’s specification should be:

  • A surface area of 350 sq. meters
  • Minimum 40% of total area
  • A capacity reaching 150 seats
  • A terrace when possible

3- Site evaluation, approval & development

  • An assessment should be performed by the Franchisee and recommendations given to the Franchisor
  • The Franchisee should send details to the Franchisor for approval
  • Site should be developed by La Parrilla’s architect

Steps for franchising

What we offer

  • Location preliminary survey (2 days visit)
  • Interior decoration guidelines and detailed layout requirements
  • Site visits and works follow up (1 day every 2 weeks)
  • Transfer of know-how, Franchise manual, Technical sheets…
  • Training for Key employees (chef, sous-chef and manager) in our restaurants in Beirut) 
  • Suppliers sourcing and ingredients quality selection…
  • Grand opening preparation and assistance…
  • Monthly visits for assistance and quality survey (2 days/month for 1 year)
  • Recruitment and training of the management team (Designated team)

What you should provide

  • A very prime location for the intended restaurant in the requested city within the desired territory.
  • The complete building, furniture and equipment of each location according to our concept guidelines
  • Hiring of qualified staff as per our requirements
  • Salaries of hired key employees during their training in Beirut
  • Airline tickets and lodging of our delegates for their visits to your restaurant

Franchise terms


  • Primary fee: 400,000 USD as a franchise fee per outlet
  • Royalty fees: 6.0% on gross sales
  • Marketing fund: 1.0% on gross sales


  • 30% on MOU signature
  • 20% on location approval
  • 30% on delivery of Franchise and Training manuals.
  • 20% within 20 days from opening.
  • Royalty fees are paid on a monthly basis

The Franchise is for 10 years renewable, covering the territory for 1 Outlet.