Em Sherif Franchise

Site requirements

The selection of Em Sherif outlet locations should be done following the below criteria:

  • Upscale urban areas
  • High-end F&B clusters
  • High traffic of target clientele
  • Availability of indoor and outdoor areas with a total maximum capacity of 250 persons

A typical Em Sherif outlet should have the following criteria:

  • A surface area of 600 sq. meters square
  • 150-200sqm (30% of total area) allocated to the kitchen
  • A capacity reaching 200 seats
  • A terrace when available

Site evaluation

An assessment should be performed by the franchisee and recommendations given to the franchisor

Franchisor approval on site

Once a site has been selected, the franchisee should send details and specifications of the site to the franchisor for approval

Development of the site

Site should be developed by Em Sherif’s architect

Steps for franchising

What we offer

  • Location preliminary survey (2 days visit).
  • Interior decoration detailed layout requirements and detailed drawings and BOQ.
  • Site visits and works follow up (1 day every 2 weeks).
  • Transfer of know-how, franchise manual, technical sheets..., training manuals
  • Key employees (chef, sous-chef and manager) hiring and training for (2-3 weeks in our restaurants in Beirut) in addition to 8 other key positions.
  • Local employees training (2-3 Months in the designated territory and Lebanon by our F&B managers).
  • Suppliers sourcing and ingredients quality selection...
  • Grand opening preparation and assistance...
  • Quarterly visits for assistance and quality survey (2 days/visit for 10 years).
  • Recruitment and training of the management team (9 to 10 people).
  • Supply of decorative items.
  • Artistic painters.

What you should provide

  • A nice location for the intended restaurant in the requested city within the desired territory.
  • The complete building, furniture and equipment of each location according to our concept guidelines.
  • Hiring of qualified staff as per our requirements.
  • Salaries of hired key employees during their training in Beirut.
  • Airline tickets and lodging of our delegates for their visits to your restaurant.

Franchise terms


Basically the fees will be as follow:

  • Primary fee:  900,000 USD as a franchise fee for one outlet
  • Royalty fees: 7.0% on gross sales
  • 1.0% marketing fund contribution thereafter

The Franchise fee is for 10 years renewable.

Franchise fees are paid as follows:

50% on contract signature
20% on location approval
20% on delivery of Franchise Manuals and Training manuals
10 % within 20 days from opening
Royalty fees are paid monthly.