After a remarkable success in Lebanon and the growing demand to expand abroad, the founders of Em Sherif Restaurant (Lebanese Fine Dining Restaurant), Em Sherif Café (Elegant Lebanese Café) Em Sherif Sea Café (Lebanese Seafood Café) & Em Sherif The Deli decided to embark in the franchising of their concepts.

An offshore local structure (S.G.R Offshore) was established with the right to franchise all the brands worldwide.

Through a young, dynamic and talented team we were able to establish an expansion strategy and produce in record time, state of the art franchising, and training manuals.

Em Sherif Restaurant is currently present in London, Monaco, Kuwait, Qatar & Damascus with agreements signed for Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Bahrain & Greece.
Em Sherif Café is present in Kuwait, KSA, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Qatar, Baghdad, Jordan, Abidjan with agreements under negotiations in Paris and New York.
Em Sherif Sea Café is currently present in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and opening soon in KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt & Greece.
Em Sherif Deli is currently present in Beirut and London.